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My Mam finally called me to wish me a Merry Christmas and to inquire as to whether or not my gifts arrived. I told her oh so sweetly that I never recieved any gifts. She then realised she forgot to send them. Ah, my mother.

So then she asked what was going on with me. I avoided the part about being a complete looney tunes and told her I was going to be doing a runway show on New Year's Eve. She completely lost it. she's coming to to show. And I think Renee's mother is coming to the show. I KNOW Renee is coming. My mother is going to meet Renee. And Mrs. Renee's Mom. My mother is a photographer. Hers is a model. At least they'll have something to talk about.

And I thought I couldn't get more nervous. HAH! She'll be here later today. Which probably means early tomorrow morning. Probably at 4 AM.

This is not funny! WHY?

She'd better bring my Christmas Presents. And NOT my half-siblings. If they come, I will either commit siblingcide or Hara Kiri in the backyard. I can just see them taunting me as I walk around up there and I'd fall over. Little Terrors. See how I use my icon where I an annoying two thirds of them. See the hate in their eyes!? They will be my undoing!

And then, my father would show up, and be arrested, and it would be the BEST. TRADGEDY. EVER.

All right, NOW I am overreacting.

Shite, now I have to get my mam a present.

Renee, we're going shopping!

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