Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher (deirdre_ionuin) wrote,
Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher

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Chicago was AWESOME!! OMG. And thank you My Renee and My Kaitie and Tamm and Kat and Michael for coming to opening night!! I messed up a step in Cell Block Tango, but I hope no one noticed ;) I was belting loudly so hopefully I Razzle-Dazzled them with that instead of my clumsiness! ;)

I'm all buzzed!!

Shawn came to see me too. He said he loved the show but I wasn't getting away from him that easily :D As if I'd try. I love our little theatre. Still, it's quite something to do that in front of of an audience of like.....lots. And lots. And lots in the West End.

Wheeeee!! Now Peter and David have to come see :D You know...after the healing thing. And my mam. She and Finian are coming tomorrow. Yikers!
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