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I wonder if the fact that this upsets me makes me selfish? It might. Which is why I won't say anything. But the fact that I would move mountains for her and I always tell everyone about her and she was one of the first people I talked about to Finian....that should mean something. We've been together since August. And her father just found out about me. And now she says if he asked her to, she might stop seeing us? If ANYONE told me to stop seeing someone I loved, I'd tell them to shove it because obviously they don't care about me. Even if it was Peter. She and Renee are the centres of my world.

And it kind of looks like I'll never be the centre of Kait's.

I would die for her...not that I can. I would. And she would give me up for Daddy's approval.

I can't imagine ever being so weak.

And now I have to go be Velma.
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