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Today Shawn showed me the lightboard at the theatre and I LOVE IT!! I played around on it for like 2 hours before he informed me that the flashing was giving him a headache and could I please stop now. *sigh* But it was really cool and I liked getting the hang of it. He says he might let me run it for Medea!! Tomorrow I'm going to go in and learn how to design the lighting even though we can't REALLY finish that until the set's done and everything's blocked. But it's just so I know how anyway so I can help Shawn when he actually have to! And the set's halfway done and it looks awesome!!

Shawn also showed me the list of shows we have available to us (being a rep theatre, we only have so many) and I noticed there were a few comedy shows in there that didn't seem like they really belonged. Things like Noises Off and Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 and The Real Inspector Hound amoungst Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet. Uh...okay. Shawn informed me that they were from before he was there and he's never used them but maybe we should considering we HAVE them. I suppose it all depends, doesn't it!?

I'm so excited! I love the theatre!!
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