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To David

Hi, Davidface. Uhm, I got my schedule back and stuff. And then I sort of wigged know...stuff. Hey, can YOU tell me if any of these people are rapist possibly homicidal maniacs that are likely to go after my Peter's family in revenge when they can't kill me? Because I'd appreciate it, plskthx.

I have Professor Gardener for costume making (OMG BORING) and Dr. Steven Bailey for my English Lit Lecture. Uhm...A Dr. Anton for something about Shakespeare. Then of course I have you (THANK GOD) and Remy. But see, I know you and Remy are juuussstt fine.

Uhm, I also wanted to say thank you because you're wonderful and I couldn't have gotten through this semester without you. And I really mean that. And not just as my professor, but as my friend. I love you! And I am totally dreading the day I don't have a class with you so you'll just have to try to work your schedule around me then, won't you?


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