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Finn and I are friends now. Even if he DOES slightly resemble the Yeti I used to eat the mountain climber man he drew on my mountain. FOR I AM DEIRDRE, FEAR MY YETI OF DOOOOOM! AND ALSO MY PTERADACTYLS!

He likes dogs and my mam and smoking a pipefull of cherry tobacco! Oh and also he is silly. SO I guess he's okay. He's going to make eggnogg for Christmas Dinner. Let's just see if he can handle drunk!Deirdre. If he can, then he can handle anything!!

We had tea and Dylan fell asleep in my lap after talking about school and Lydia for like an hour. That boy has but two things on his mind. At last ONE of them is academia. The other one might get him strangled by Peter. But it seems he mostly wants to serenade Lydia and give her bouquets of roses and write her poems about how her eyes resemble moonlight tra-la-tra-la.


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