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To Those in the Know

Life is weird and so are people. I'm writing madly for mother_peter because I want to ignore the stress of finals as much as possible. Soon it will be Christmas Break. Soon it will be New Year's. Soon it will be a year since...

I've changed so much this year. So much. And Peter says I no longer need a safety net. Doesn't mean I don't need him, but I believe he's right about the other thing.

Now it's me. I'm myself. I was reading Lavannah's journal yesterday and she sounds so strong. She came to the conclusion of who she was just...what, a week after being set free from the place she was. How long did it take me? Do I even know yet?

Will I ever know?

Don't worry. I won't run like Josie did. And if I do, Peter will know exactly where I went because he's a mind reader (or he knows me better than I know myself) and he'll find me and bring me back. Because that's what he does. Not a safety net. A friend. A father.

Now excuse me while I write about his fictional other female nunny half.

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