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Friends Only

Hello all. I've been hiding from 'the interwebs' for a few days. Well okay only MY journal. Just doing a bit of self-loathing, but I'm over it now. It's not as interesting as it sounds.

Wow. It doesn't even sound interesting.

But Slink and I might roll in cheese and THAT'S interesting!

My Kaitie and I have matching dresses for Peter's wedding! Muahhaa! And we have to practise our songs, but we're awesome anyway ;) And Renee modelled hers for me and I about died. So. Hot. Emma, you are a genius! And I've been working closely with Jacinta, that's Aly and David's mum. We're planning the most yummy things for foodies! *bounces* And it's less than a week away!! And there's so much to do before then! I hear the first of the relatives from Spain arrive tomorrow. *Glee* Peter, do you have anyone coming from Germany? I only ask because I'll be able to understand what they say. Not so much with Spanish.

WEDDING! *expires of excitement*
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