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Friends Only

Random Thought for the Day: I think Pierre's parents want to take Thomas home with them as a pet. And really, who can blame them. No one lays the charm on like he does.

1. I've come to realize that my ex... is my girlfriend again so HEY I love her!
2. I am listening to... Nightwish as I try to forget certain things.
3. I talk... Irishy. And a lot more than I should.
4. I love... My Renee and my Kait. Peter and my friends who KICK ARSE
5. My best friends... Oh right...uhm...KICK ARSE
6. My first real kiss... Oh dearie me. Let's call it Renee, because I don't think the Melissa one counted...
7. I lost my virginity... to my friend Michael who then wasn't my friend anymore. Oops...and I was 16.
8. I hate it when people... discriminate
9. Love is... pretty and ugly both at the same time
10. Marriage is... nice and stuff...
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking... 'I hate it when my _____ itches and I can't scratch it'. You know that's true.
13. I have a secret crush on... ROBSON GREEN! So not secret.
14. The last time I cried was because... last night :|
15. My cell phone... is a godsend and it saved my friend last night.
16. When I wake up in the morning... no one else is awake yet, not even the sun unless it's summer.
17. Before I go to sleep at night... MMm Renee cuddles
18. Right now I am thinking about... the fact that I am not distracted enough, dammit.
20. I get on LiveJournal... because I am an addict
21. Today, I... went to a funeral.
22. Tonight, I will... convince myself yesterday never happened
23. Tomorrow, I will... Things
24. I really want... Blah
25. The person most likely to repost this is... My Renee, probably.
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