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I totally realised something today. I'm horny. I've been wondering why I was all...weird. Yeah. Horny. Been almost a month since I-ahem. Anyway.

Stupid...fucking...everything. (or NOT as the case may be)

Peter and I bought Slink a present! It's red and NOT knickers. Peter wasn't in to that. Damn him. I think he'd look nice in red lace. I had to wait to go shopping though because he was too busy sexing it up with his fiance on her lunch break. I'll tell you what, how those two get it on so many times a freakin' day and still manage to be amazing parents to three children AND plan a wedding that's less than a month away, I'll never know. But they do. And then Peter was in a VERY good mood for shopping. He spends lots of money when he shops after having sex. He kept buying people things. He's so weird.

Also...Kat is wonderful. She knew my court thingy is on Monday and she knows I want Peter there, AND she knows Peter is going to Bianca's funeral so she asked her parents if the funeral could be on Tuesday so Peter didn't have to choose. Thank you, Kat. And I'll be there for you on Tuesday if I am not in jail.
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