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So I'm totally a criminal now. It was an accident, but leaving the scene wasn't. And they kept Peter in jail because of me. But it's all fixed now and he paid my bail so he's not too mad. And I'm staying with him because I have to. But my Renee and my Kaitie are here. I love them. And I love David and Peter too.

My mam and Dylan came for dinner and it was really good to see them. Mam didn't even hit on Peter because she was so glad he'd taken care of me. Well, and Aly talked about wedding stuff which I think made her back off a bit. Then she and Emma and Aly and Liz had coffee and my girls and Peter played with HIS girls and Caleb and Hope and Dylan. It was a nice night. Really. I've missed those.

I'm going back to the Crucible tomorrow. I can't wait to be someone else for 2 hours. It'll be brilliant. I miss Ry.

Peter's getting married on December 2nd because it's Aly's birthday. That's wonderful and I can't stop smiling because he's smiling so widely. That helps a lot.

Jude better wake up like now.
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