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My first day at Regents was actually really good. It started off a bit daunting, but it ended nicely. Only 2 of my teachers aknowledged my presence, which was nice. I didn't have to get up in front of everybody and give "My name is Deirdre and I come from..." speeches. I just acted like I'd always been there. The only class I'm worried about is Maths. I always have to study so hard to get good marks in maths classes. I can see my 'social life' being non exsistent. Not that I have one of those, but I might have to give up Poetry Readings around exam time.

And then after my last class, I ran into this guy. He was VERY attractive. Well, I guess we ran into each other. Either way his name is Jake and we talked. I actually talked to someone I'd just met. I never do that. I was very proud of myself. He plays football and he watches rugby practise. He seemed interested in poetry readings too, but he may have just been being polite. Either way, I really liked talking to him. But silly me didn't ask him to come with me to a reading. And I didn't ask to go watch rugby practise either. Why am I so stupid?

On my way home, I ran into Jamie, who is another new student at Regents. I was feeling empowered I guess, because I initiated a conversation. I mean,with Jake it took running into each other to force me to talk. With Jamie, I walked up to him. I talked first. I think being here is good for me. But yes, I was feeling stupid about not asking Jake to do something, so I asked Jamie to come over. It's not like anyone else would be here. We had a really nice time. Jamie is from America, so we talked about that a little. He was fascinating. We're actually neighbors, which makes me very happy. I know people around me! People that aren't only interested in their money and their posessions. I think Jamie and I are going to walk to school together tomorrow. Maybe I'll invite him in again. We'll see!

Maeve is currently chewing on my sock. She's a naughty feline! And I wouldn't think that would taste good. She must be very bored and lonely. Maybe I'll buy a kitten this weekend. To keep her company. Then Maeve can chew on it. It would taste better than a sock.

I wish I hadn't thought that.

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