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Oh, Renee! You're going to squeal. Kait too, I'm sure. So my Mam is going to go to Spain for a photoshooty thing...don't ask what it's about, I so wasn't listening. Anyway, she's going this weekend and she wants to take you two with her as assistants if you want to go!! She said it would be good experience and you can live it up on the town come nightfall. Again, don't ask what town. I have this selective hearing thing when she talks which is mostly because she used to only talk about sex... if you two want to go, you should let me know!! She said she'd love a few extra eyes and opinions and of course, girly bonding. I have to stay here to take care of the Dylanmeister, but you guys would have so much fun!

I'm sure she'd take any other photographers wanting to go on assignment with her as well. My Mam is Caitlin O'Connor in case you're like "Okay...what?" She's opening a high profile show right after she gets back too. She's all running around like a crazy person.

Also, I'm writing up my study proposal for Dr. O'Doherty because I know he's going to ask for it and if I say it's already done, he'll be all impressed!! Go me!
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